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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 27, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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erupts at an east bay shopping mall... with at least one nearby business hit. more onhy bullets fly after gunfire
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erupts with at least one nearby business hit with bullets. learn why the situation could have been worse. a menorah stolen from the middle of a san francisco park, still no sign of it. we'll tell you what residents in the north beach are doing about it. >> plus, it's told enough to trigger freeze warnings in effect for parts of the bay. we'll tell you how high temperatures will reach this afternoon. "today in the bay" starts right now. good morning to you. thanks for joining us on this tuesday. i'm kira klapper in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. it's light and cool. vianey is waiting for the cars to show up. >> i think the cold weather is keeping the cars off the road. not a lot of backup which is great if you have to be out somewhere right now. i'd rather be at home. >> get out the credit card, do some scraping this morning. then get on your way. that's the kind of weather we've
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been dealing with recently, especially for some of the wind sheltered valleys, seeing freezing temperatures. we're close in the tri-valley. 37 in the peninsula and south bay, east 39 and 3b 1 in the north bay. it will be warming up. yes, we do have freeze warnings in effect for all of those areas shaded in purple. make sure you take care of people, plants and pets. i'll have a look at some warmer air in the forecast coming up as we head over to vianey and see what's happening on the roadways. is it starting 2 build a little bit? >> not by much. i think people are still in vacation mode and still eating breakfast or leftovers, not a lot going on on the roads. no a lot of backup as we head towards san francisco, the south bay, near the oakland area. not seeing a lot of activity. smooth commute, northbound 101 at 19 minutes. 80 towards the 85, seven-minute
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commute, not bad. northbound 85 about 20-minute commute. a live look while we're starting to see a few folks on the roads. it looks like for now people are driving safely. don't text and drive. >> thank you, vianey. a developing story this morning. shots fired at a popular east bay shopping center. it happened during business hours and now people are looking for the person who opened fire as well as the victim. "today in the bay's" tom jenson is live at the crossroads shopping center in pleasant hill to show us the new video of the damage left behind. tom. >> there was, as you said, one person hit, only one of the suspects in the shooting, the victim who may have been in an argument with the shooter in the parking lot about 9:15 last night when this happened. there were a lot of shoppers here, very fortunate that none of the shoppers were hit. witnesses told our photographer there was an argument in the parking lot and all of a sudden
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there were numerous gunshots, they said. the witness said many of the bullets hit buildings, and i think you can see that our video here with shoppers inside, including this starbucks. starbucks employees said they saw a man bleeding, running towards the business and then take off in a speeding cars. the high-speed reckless toyota was later reported north on highway 232 just after the shots were fired. we were also told windows were broken and there were holes in a lot of exterior walls. pleasant hill police spokesman said it's lucky no shoppers were hit. >> the mall was stild open for business, the starbucks and the restaurants in the area were still open. >> the suspects and victims have not been identified according to police. local hospitals are on the lookout for anybody hit with a bullet in the lower extremities. this is a very quiet mall normally.
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i was talking to the folks in the starbucks a couple minutes ago. they say they never heard of any shootings in pleasant hill. more information from pleasant hill, tom jenson, "today in the bay." >> it's 5:05. the search is on for the thief who stole a menorah from a san francisco park. people wondering if it's a hate crime. people from other faiths are gathering in a show of solidarity to light other menorahs, doing it to keep the hanukkah tradition alive after someone stole a six-foot-tall menorah over the weekend. members say it feels like a hate crime. >> it is a hate crime for somebody to in such a public space to take a symbol that means joy, they have to be in such a dark space in their lives. officers are hoping to find zurt video that will provide some clues. a group called north beach neighbors say they will put a menorah in the park next year
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with additional security. >> 5:05, expecting bay area malls to be busy once again for all the people still off. some stores are promising better deals than before christmas. experts say it was a record breaking holiday season across the country. people spent an estimated $1 trillion on gifts. also a huge year for online shopping. amazon reports 15% more people shopped online this year compared to last. according to the national retail federation, those figures anyway. 10% of gifts are returned every single year valued at a whopping $60 billion. a caltrain station expected to break ground. the improvements in the south parking lot at the san carlos caltrain station. crews will be removing medians, paving the lot and repainting parking spots. this is supposed to turn it into a center form multiple use
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services. caltrain and shuttle ts for the entire peninsula. a live look outside at dublin this morning where overnight temperatures were sitting in the low 30s. it's cold out there. dublin is not the only city looking at temperatures that are at or below freezing. cold weather seems to be running through the bay area. so while many people are trying to brave the cold, many are looking for ways to protect their pets and their plants. managers at ace hardware in downtown walnut creek say customers are rushing in to buy frost blankets to helm keep their outdoor plants alive while temperatures dip into the 30s. >> they've been flying off our shelves recently. we've had about 200 sold this month. they're really popular, allow the plants to breathe. a lot of people buying space heaters now that winter is officially here.
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>> as you head out, yes, it is cold. only 31 degrees right now in fairfield. we may see the temperatures dipping a few more degrees before sunrise, 37 in san jose and palo alto and in san francisco, only 40 degrees. but it will be a nice day with highs reaching into the mid to upper 50s, up to 59 degrees in palo alto and half moon bay. also 59, san francisco 54. as we go into the rest of the forecast, a warmup, then a cool down. i'll taug about all that coming up in about ten minutes. as we head over to vianey we see what's happening as the roads start to get more busy this morning. we are definitely seeing more headlines, but not a lot of accidents. a kourm fender benders but nothing too serious. not seeing a lot of slowing. as you head towards san francisco, typically this is
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normal around the holidays. people are still recovering from all of the holiday celebrations, a lot of sleeping in. here is a look at your mass transit, b.a.r.t., 5 trains, no delays yet. if you have anywhere to go, looks like a smooth ride all the way around. let's look at the golden gate bridge, nice and smooth, a couple cars on the road. overall everyone still sleeping in. back to you. >> lucky them. thank you very much. still ahead, raiders quarterback derek carr expected to undergo surgery. coach jack del rio updating his condition on what is likely a season-ending injury and when he may be back on the field. an emotional plea from a south bay family after one of their own kills a teenager while reportedly driving drunk. >> we're very sorry. it was a bad accident and she made a bad choice.
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good tuesday morning. it is 5 doo 12. as you head out if door, here is a live look at palo alto where things are looking good, skies are clear and temperatures are chilly. we'll be in the mid 50s today. just a little bit below average for this time of year, and we will have a lot of sunshine. that will help warm things up tomorrow. i'll have a look at the complete
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microclimate forecast coming up. waking up to a lot of green on the map, green means no slow down as of now. smooth commute for the early tuesday morning. hopefully it stays this way. i'll have more coming up in jusy much. the president-elect's transition team back to work preparing for a battle to try to confirm cabinet nominee. >> president-elect trump faces new criticism about business holdings that could create a conflict of interest as well as criticism over the israeli correspondent very see. edward lawrence is live with the latest on this president transition. edward, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, sam and kira. a lot going on this morning. right now president-elect trump's transition tooechl opened a war room here in washington, d.c. in order to help cabinet picks get confirmed in the u.s. senate. the president-elect himself may want to use the war room to help answer questions about conflicts of interest.
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>> president-elect donald trump via twitter tackles foreign policy and business conflicts this week as the country awaits more cabinet picks. the trump foundation controversy is creating a stir among critics who believe a conflict of interest is unavoidable. >> as we say, with the new york attorney general, lots of people nipping at his heels, the businesses he refuses to divest from. >> analysts say he needs to completely separate himself from his for-profit business. >> friends don't take friends to the security council. >> problems in israel may be one of the first issue to confront. the president-elect condemned the united nations calling it a club for people to get together. after the u.n. security council passed a resolution condemning the settlement. the prime minister accused president obama of being behind
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it. >> pro arab activists stand by the incoming administration's concern. >> i hope dronald trump doesn't act in a precipitous ordaining rouse waynd try to remove the u.s. from the u.n. >> mr. trump says the resolution makes peace in the east more difficult. >> israel says it will suspend working ties with countries that initiated this resolution and also cancel state trips with countries that voted for it. reporting live in washington, edward lawrence, back to you, sam and kira. >> edward, thanks to you. it is 5:15. we'll turn to wall street where markets are reopening today after the holiday break. just a few more days left of trading in 2016. hard to believe. >> for that and the rest of your news, we turn to kate rogers live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> good morning to you. the dow will take another stab
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at reaching the 20,000 mark this week after coming so close, within just 13 points last week. stock futures are slightly higher this morning. market value expected to be thin on this final week of the year as many traders are on vacation. look for economic data on home prices and consumer confidence. on friday the dow rose 14 points to 19,933, the nasdaq up 15 points to 5,462. 'tis the season for making returns. the national retail federation says about 10% of holiday gifts are returned with the majority made at brick and mortar stores. that gives retailers a chance to clear unsold inventories. analysts say the week after christmas could account for 14% of total holiday sales. the strength of "rogue one" pushing the box offices to a new record. "rogue one" topping the competition for a second
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straight week with $96 million, the "sing" the animated film opening in second place with $53 milli million. also apparently a good time of year if you're in the market for a new car. now experts say is a great time to shop. retail expert's opinion pine that buyers have more bargaining power as dealers try to clear showrooms and hit sales targets before the start of the new year. that year-end push means dealers are more likely to offer big rebates on last year's models, the 2016 one. some of the best deals can be found on vehicles recently returned from an annual lease. those cars are often sold at a lower price with premium features and at least a partial factory warrantee. speaking of cars, light traffic out there on the golden gate bridge this morning. a lot look for you where parking could be hard to come by for the rest of the year. the vista point lot that's just
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beyond the north end of the golden gate bridge. the welcome center lot on the south went will be closed from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. both parking lots won't be reopened until after january 1st. we have been talking a lot about the cool temperatures. not everyone is so upset about it. we caught quite a few people enjoying the temperatures by ice skati skating. this is the rink at the civic center in walnut creek. >> it's a good time to get out and figure skate. >> it totally is. actually, didn't you have -- u had a career as an ice skater. >> yes, for ten years i was a competitive figure skater. the funny thing about it is i haven't skated since. one of those things where once you have professional skates and stuff, you don't really go rent the plastic ones. >> once you're high on the hog, you're not going back there. i see how it is. >> we'll get to your traffic, light traffic this morning, to
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vianey in a second. but first, have we mentioned it's cold out there. >> freeze warnings in effect, yes. once again this morning we're having to take care of the pets and the plants and make sure you definitely take care of people as we deal with another morning of very cold weather. here is a live look outside at emeryville. you see the cars driving through, very busy stretch of the road heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza. and yes, it is all clear but it is cold. so here is a look at some of those temperatures now. 41 degrees in san francisco. we'll dip another degree or two in many spots. highs today making it into the upper 50s. it will a nice one. up to 58 degrees in the north bay and pretty much like yesterday. as we look farther down the line, there will be a couple of chances of rain in the forecast. the first one moves in on friday
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with the storm system that will be moving in to so cal and could also be just enough to stretch into the south bay and the east bay. and then it moves on. now, there could be another round of some rain moving in on saturday into sunday, but it doesn't look like any of these stochl systems will be very strong. so at this point we're looking at the potential of anywhere from just a little bit of rain up to about half inch. not expecting any big soakers. as we get into the start of 2017, there may be cold air rolling in, it could be a cold start to the year with a couple of storm systems moving in. we'll keep an eye on that. looking at highs in the upper 50s for tomorrow as well as thursday for san francisco. then it gets cool. look at the highs as we go into early next week. only up to 49 degrees. then a couple of chances of scattered showers moving in, highs in the mid 60s on thursday for the inland areas and then cooling down this weekend.
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now as we head over to vianey, we see what's happening as you head out across some of those bridges. >> kari, you know that saying, it pays to wake up early. judging by this map it's going to pay to head out early. this is the perfect time to wake up and head out the road if you have anything to return from the holiday shopping. this might be a good time although i don't know what's open at this hour. right now the map isn't showing a lot of slowing. as we look at the bay bridge, we're startings to see headlights coming on. i don't think the metering lights are on just yet. if you do have to commute through this area, this is very typical and this tends to get backed up over the next couple hours. we'll keep a close eye on that. >> vianey, thanks. >> in the south bay, police still have not officially released the names of those involved in a deadly crash early christmas morning. the families are reeling. with the relatives of the driver involved asking for forgiveness. >> police say alcohol was indeed a factor when a 25-year-old mother crossed the median on
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capitol express ray in san jose crashing head on into another car, killing a 14-year-old boy riding with his parents. just yesterday that mother's family sent this message to the victim's family. >> i do want to apologize and my condolence goes out to the family of the little boy that she took the life of. we're very sorry. it was a bad accident and she made a bad choice. i just want to apologize. >> well, her family did identify the 25-year-old driver as jessica zamora. she crossed the median, crushing the boy in the car and killing herself. investigators are not officially released the names of the victims in that crash. >> obviously a devastating story. we'll keep you updated. this morning, lts shift gears and also talk about raiders quarterback derek carr who went down this weekend. a lot of fans upset. it looks like a season-ender. >> he got injured, broke his
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leg. he's expected to have surgery today. >> head coach jack del rio described carr's spirits as excellent in the meantime. in the meantime he met with media, shedding little light on the quarterback's injuries. he's expected to miss in the vicinity of six to eight weeks. the head coach says carr remains positive. >> all about the team and being there for the team and wishing us the best. he'll be back as soon as he can to be there vocally for us. he was outstanding. >> raiders backup quarterback matt mcgloin says he feels great and he is ready to go as the team's new starting quarterback. >> 5:23, still ahead, new driving rules that kick in on january 1st. what you can no longer do with your cell phones while driving. plus, check out this picture. this is from inside governor gary brown's sacramento office. looks like someone has been
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livermore woman who ended up with damaged furniture after an appliance was delivered. ==sam/2shot== co "nbc bay area responds" to a livermore woman who ended up with damaged furniture after an appliance was delivered. >> chris chmura has more on how he got results. >> good morning. danis bought a refrigerator in
5:27 am
june. during the delivery she said her sofa aid soond tables were damaged. she filed a claim right away. four months later, dana reached out to us saying in an e-mail that she has dealt with eight supervisors, countless hours on the phone, hold times, weight times, frustration and now the claim has been denied. how can this happen? >> we redirected that question to sears. in a statement sears said there was an oversight in notifying dana, but it was settling the issue to her satisfaction. what's that mean? that means dana is going to get a check for $780 to cover the damage to her furniture. if you have a consumer complaint, you can call us, the number is 1-888-996-tips, or online at have a great day. >> some dedicated staffers pulled a thorough prank on
5:28 am
governor jerry brown. this is what he returned to after the break. staffers gift wrapped his chair, computer, table, chair and even his walls. up next, the bay area jewish community shocked after a six-foot menorah is stolen as hanukkah celebrations begin. clues this morning into finding the thief. >> reporter: we're live in pleasant hill where gunshots rang out at a busy shopping center.
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good tuesday morning. 5:30 as we take a peek outside. this is from mill valley at 5:29. it is 3 degrees sems yus, 37 degrees fahrenheit. no matter how you want to look at it, it is near freezing temperatures. in some places it is freezing. >> hopefully you're warm inside your home. i'm kira klapper in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. this is a great day if you can to just sleep in and not get out of bed. if you have to get out of bed, roads looking pretty good so far. >> as of now, yes, nothing major. >> winter coats would be a nice option. >> oh, yeah, once again this morning. this isn't the first morning we've had weather this cold. it's returning every single morning, and it looks like it will not go anywhere for a while. it's 31 degrees right now in fairfield, 37 in san jose, patchy frost in spots and freezing temperatures. it's 33, just above freezing in morgan hill. all of these areas shaded in purple, that includes the delta extending down to the
5:32 am
tri-valley. and for the interior parts of the north bay, that's where we will have a freeze warning in effect until 9:00. then it warms up above freezing. i'll show you what to expect as we go through the day. that's coming up as we head over to vianey, let's see what's happening across bay area roads. >> it's not sunrise yet. i think people have stopped hitting the snooze button. i'm starting to see more headlights on the road. nothing major to report, no major accidents or backups, still seeing the nice holiday light traffic which is very normal for this time of year. however, chp is reporting a crash that is affecting the backup near altamont pass and carroll road. if you had to make your way into the san francisco or oakland area, we're seeing slight backup. let's look live at the bay bridge. it's looking like some cars are already starting to backup just a bit. so this may be your only time to get out before the roads start
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seeing heavy backup. back to you. a developing story this morning, shots fired at a popular east bay shopping center during business hours. people could have been hurt here. now police are looking for the person who opened fire as well as the victim of that shooting. >> they're both missing. "today in the bay's" tom jenson is loif at the pleasant hill shopping center to bring us up to speed on the investigation. tom? >> reporter: it happened right outside this starbucks at about 9:15 last night. very fortunate that no one was hit. there were a lot of shoppers here. as you said, a witness said there was an argument out here in the parking lot over something. they didn't know what it was. all of a sudden they heard numerous gunshots, they said. the witness said many of the bullets hit buildings, and shoppers inside were okay. but there were a lot of shoppers inside these buildings. so it was fortunate, as i said, no one was hit.
5:34 am
starbucks employees said they saw a man bleeding in the leg running towards the business and then got into a speeding car. a high-speed car was reported. >> this is the first shooting that we've had in several months anyway. but it can happen anywhere at any time, obviously. >> >> reporter: the suspect and the victim have not been identified yet. local hospitals are on the lookout for someone shot in the leg. police told us that they do have new leads that we're following up on. we're live in pleasant hill. tom jensen, "today in the bay." two people are locked up in connection with a stapping death of a man inside a target death.
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witnesses say a 36-year-old victim was involved in a fight with two other men. the victim was stabbed and later died. police have arrested two men in their 20s. one person is hospitalized after a daring cliff rescue that happened just last night south of the pigeon point area of san mateo county. firefighters say someone ended up in trouble after their boat capsized. it took them about an hour to pull off that rescue. we're told that person is in the hospital. we do not know their condition at this point. >> a new year, of course, means a new set of laws in california. one targets distracted drivers. beginning january 1st, drivers will not be allowed to use their cell phone while driving unless it's hands-free or voice operated commands. the new law calls for phones to be mounted to the dashboard or windshield if you plan to use them while driving. drivers face a $20 fine for the first offense and $50 fine for the second. let's get you caught up on
5:36 am
all the laws about to go into effect. in 2017 the state's minimum wage will increase from $10 to $10.50 for any business with 26 or more employees. it's going to be illegal to own any magazine that can hold more than ten rounds, the high capacity magazine. when weapons are left in cars, they have to be scored in the trunk or lock box. also terminally ill patients will be allowed to use experimental drugs that do not yet have full regulatory approval. >> this morning the search continues for the person who stole a menorah from a san francisco park. people are wondering if it was, in fact, a hate crime during hanukkah. people from other faiths are gathering in a show of solidarity in washington square park to light multiple menorahs, keeping the tradition alive after someone stole a sticks-foot-tall menorah. members say it feels like a hate
5:37 am
crime. >> that is a hate crime, for somebody to, in such a public space, to take a symbol that means just joy, they have to be in such a dark space in their life. >> police tell us they're looking for security footage that will provide some clues as to who did it. a group called north beach neighbors say they will put up a menorah in the park next year, but will add additional security. a live look outside right now at palo alto. overnight temperatures were in the mid 30s. palo alto is not the only city getting low temps. chilly weather seems to be running through the bay area. let's get more to that. waking up between frost and freezing in some places, you're not alone. in some places temperatures have dipped well into the 30s. >> for some it means another blanket on the bed. the other meant uncertainty for people turning on the heat in this apartment complex on sunny view drive in pinole. residents say power was touch
5:38 am
and go on christmas eve and well into christmas day when temperatures dropped into the low 30s. that was scary for one woman who tells us she takes care of her disabled son full time and another woman with a young daughter to look out for. >> in the last couple days we've had, like i say, christmas eve, yesterday and this morning -- excuse me -- going in and out. you can't wash dishes. you can't do anything. >> they need to fix it so it stays on because it's really, really cold. >> pg&e says they're working on a transformer problem there, the issue has been fixed. >> we're happy those folks have full power now. let's get a look outside at what's going on outside. >> not a good time to not have power. it's now 40 degrees as we take a look at the castro in san francisco. so a chilly start this morning, 37 in the peninsula, and 34 in the tri-valley.
5:39 am
we dip below freezing in the north bay where it's now 31 degrees. heading into this afternoon, expected to reach into the upper 50s, up to 56 degrees in the peninsula and also some upper 50s for the north bay. into the next several days, it gets a little warmer and then the rain arrives. i'll detail all that coming up in about ten minutes. heading over to vianey, we see what's happening as you head out for the morning commute. >> kari, i had to turn on my heater last night. out on the roads, still nothing major to report. i think either people are being very careful on the roads or basically avoiding it entirely. we are expecting to see some more of that early morning backup start to roll in at about 6:00 a.m. when we start seeing a little more of that road style cover. we are seeing some slight backup out there near 580. if you are coming into oakland or san francisco or the south bay area, you have to come in
5:40 am
for the early morning commute, we are seeing backup. there aren't any major accidents on the road. let's take a live look in san jose, smooth commute for the south bay. back to you. it was a white christmas in the sierra. but it wasn't all beautiful. we'll tell you the problem in the snow that's plaguing some resorts when "today in the bay" continues.
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good tuesday morning. a live look outside in san jose. all clear skies this morning as you head out the door into very chilly temperatures. we have upper 30s now. we'll be at 44 degrees. with all the sunshine by 9:00. high temperature of 53 and into the mid 50s as you head home from work. i'll have a look at the complete microclimate forecast with rain for the new year coming up in a few minutes. here is the quick check of your bridge drive times. right now bay bridge at about nine minutes, westbound 92 towards san mateo bridge, 12 minutes. we'll have a closer look. it appears there may be light backup in the toll plaza on-ramp. i'll have details on that in just a bit. >> vianey, thank you very much. continuing coverage, the three guards accused of beating an inmate to death inside the santa clara county main jail are set to appear in court.
5:44 am
the hearing is scheduled for this afternoon. the inmate, michael tyree was found dead inside his jail cell almost a year ago, actually just over a year ago. the three guards charged in the killing have pled not guilty. earlier this month a settlement of $3.6 million was reached between the estate of michael tyree and the kwocounty. the estate is made up of his two sisters and 7-year-old daughter. two people are dead after a plane crash in fresno. the plane went down near a small airfield near sierra sky park around 1:00 yesterday afternoon. the plane was an experimental aircraft and registered to someone in lives in fresno. a witness saw the plane plunge to the ground shortly after taking off. the victims have not been identified. a glitch is being blamed after a passenger jet skidded off the runway and spun around before ending up in the grass in western indiana. the jet airways flight was supposed to be heading towards mumbai. it never made it off the ground.
5:45 am
the glitch happened while the jet was getting ready for takeoff. the plane was carrying more than 150 people. some passengers say they're glad to be alive. jet airways say everyone was evacuated safely, some with minor injuries. a followup on a massive sinkhole that opened up in a michigan neighborhood. crews started pumping sewage in the river in the detroit area in order to prevent flooding from the sinkhole. investigators believe the sink home developed due to a sewer failure 60 feet below the hole. the sinkhole is 250 feet long and 100 feet wide. people in about two dozen homes were forced to evacuate after the sinkhole started to open up on saturday. now to north carolina where a child was killed when a dump truck crashed into a home. workers were clearing a lot at the top of the hill yesterday and loading debris into their truck. one worker thought the brake was on and left the truck unattended.
5:46 am
the truck rolled down the hill and into a nearby home hitting a child who was playing in the driveway. police are still investigating but say it appears to have been a terrible accident. chicago is facing endless gun violence with no letup over the holiday weekend. police say nearly a dozen people are dead and more than 50 others are recovering from gunshot wounds from friday through early this morning. this year's numbers are worse than last year's and the violence seems to be unrelenting. just this year more than 4,300 people have been shot and more than 800 killed in the city. the killings mark the deadliest year in chicago in 20 years. >> this is the sickening reality, it shows yet again our penalties for carrying and using guns here in chicago are just not an effective deterrent against repeat gun offenders. in the next couple years, city officials plan to hire nearly 1,000 police officers. they'll be targeting gang
5:47 am
members who authorities say are responsible for most of the bloodshed. >> happening right now, police are searching for an inmate who escaped from a tennessee jail early christmas morning. five other inmates who also escaped are now back in custody. investigators say the group escaped from a county jail through a hole behind a toilet. the bolts holding the toilet had rusted and there was damage to the concrete because of plumbing repairs. a steel plate will be mounted over the hole and the cell should be operational by tonight. happening today, the japanese prime minister set to join president obama at joint base pearl harbor for an historic visit. the prime minister's plane landed in honolulu yesterday morning. president obama is in hawaii for his christmas vacation. the marks the first time that the japanese prime minister has visited that memorial ever at the site of the 1941 pearl harbor attacks. the visit comes six months after president obama became the first sitting u.s. president to visit
5:48 am
hiroshima to honor victims of the bombing. a major garbage problem at the snow park near bore yell. they were trying to go sledding. traffic to get in was a mess. traffic wasn't the only issue. people are leaving piles of broken sleds. in other places people left garbage along i-80. >> the plastic doesn't into it great, it takes years and years and years. it should be a social responsibility which is pick up after yourself. >> shards of bright plastic are hard to miss. highway and park workers are cleaning up some of the sites. as you just heard, the plastic doesn't disintegrate. it could be left to litter the scenery for decades. park officials ask visitors to take their broken sleds home where they can be tossed in the garbage can. laying the groundwork for
5:49 am
new year's eve. the famous waterford crystal triangles are being installed to date. millions of americans will be watching saturday night as the ball descends for the final seconds of 2016. the times square ball is covered with more than 2,600 of those crystal triangles which will be broken into four gift group designs, the gifts of kindness, fortitude, wonder and imagination. >> giving the ball meaning there. here is a live look at downtown san francisco. tonight the fourth candle will be lit on the bill graham m menorah at 5:00. >> sam brock, did you finally light it? >> no. i'm 0 for 3. the fourth night will be the charm. but thank you for calling me out. >> i have some relatives in from town. they're planning on going to times square. they're from south america.
5:50 am
they're planning on going and standing outside for 18 hours. they have no idea. >> they have no idea because you have to stand out there all day long once you make it past security. i'll watch it on tv. >> that's what we're trying to do this morning after dealing with freezing temperatures. once again, it's all clear as you head out the door and this is the view once again, san francisco, and the temperatures, only 40 degrees, heading up to 54 today. another cold one. and most of us starting out either near freezing or slightly above. 36 degrees in san jose and palo alto. in oakland it's 39 degrees, and 31 in fairfield. all of these areas shaded in purple is where we have the freezes warnings in effect including the delta, extending to the tri-valley and livermore. napa extending towards santa rosa and down 101.
5:51 am
that's where temperatures are the coldest. highs today will be reaching to the mid to upper 50s. as you travel -- samly's family traveling to new york city. it's actually warmer there than it is here. 57 degrees. but that won't be for long once this cold front sweeps on through, and with it taking rain further to the 50e69. we're looking for some rain, but we don't see much of it in the forecast. there will be a storm system moving over so cal. that will just barely reach into the bay area. so maybe the south bay can see some showers on friday. there will be another quick round of some rain on saturday into sunday. but it doesn't look like much. it may also shift just a few miles and could make all the difference in how much rain we can see. only expecting up to half an inch in that rain forecast. behind that system, a bill chill settling in with cold air moving in from the north. high pressure setting up off the pacific k0e69. we will see quite a bit of cold
5:52 am
air being funneled here into the bay area. highs in the upper 50s for san francisco. you see how the temperatures cool down. only highs in the upper 40s, low 50s for the inland area. enjoy this warmup for the next couple days. in the mid 60s for the inland areas. now as we head over to vianey, let's see what's happening? is it starting the get more busy yet? >> i think mike wanted me to have an easy morning. he sent good traffic vibes my bay because there are no major accidents. we are seeing a little bit of slowing as we head over along the 101 northbound and southbound. we. >> reporter: seeing a little slowing heading into san francisco. it looks like this is actually starting to clear out a bit which is great news if you're planning to head into san francisco this morning. i was out with my family yesterday and i was definitely seeing a lot of traffic making my way in. if you're waking up and heading
5:53 am
toward the bay bridge toll plaza, this is what it's looking like. looks like we're starting to see the early morning backup along the bridge. if this is your area, your morning commute, you may want to head out for that extra cup of coffee or espresso. i'll send things back to you. >> i'll take one of those two, thank you. a live look in mill valley where it continues to be 37 degrees. as our producer pointed out, we went on air an hour and a half ago, it hasn't gopt ten one degree warmer. >> we are on frost watch all morning long, and that thing has not moved. >> 37 degrees in mill valley. we know there are freeze warnings in effect in the north bay valleys and the east bay valleys this morning. >> frost warnings as well if i'm not mistaken. kari hall will have more on that later. >> coming up next, not over yet. we're talking about holiday shopping stores offering more deals today two days after christmas ch how much are people spending this holiday season? we'll break down the 234u78 bers.
5:54 am
>> first, happening now, a facebook post is making international news. a girl celebrates her 15th birthday with thousands in a rural mexican village after the invitation to the event by her father went viral. on our facebook page, read why all of the attention caused a lot of problems. we know some of you have the week off. we put together a list of some the fun things to do this week around the bay. taking a live look outside at
5:55 am
5:56 am
5:57 am
downtown san jose... a chilly start this morning-- with freeze warnings in taking a live look outside this morning, 5:57. downtown san jose, take anything warm that you can get, warm coffee, hand warmers, gloves, it's pretty cold out there. a chilly start. freeze warnings in effect for some parts of the bay area. kari will get into that in just a couple minutes. staying active, a volcano in peru erupts, it starts bubbling and spewing lava for the second time in less than a week. the ash and the smoke traveled more than 11,000 feet into the sky, covered a radius of more than 18 miles. the same volcano exploded last friday as well sending a plume of smoke 8,000 feet into the sky during that explosion. if you're still enjoying your christmas tree, make sure you don't let it dry out and become a fire hazard.
5:58 am
a dry tree can burn quickly. did you know according to the national fire protection association, a dry tree can burn faster than a newspaper. if you have a real tree in your house, it's a good idea to recycle it once it starts dropping needles. experts say it was a record breaking holiday shopping season across the country. people spent an estimated $1 trillion on gifts. nbc bay area was there as large crowds flocked to oak ridge mall in san jose. 2016 also was a huge year for online shopping. amazon reports, 15% more people shopped online this year. >> definitely a lot easier to get stuff online. click it and don't have to go anywhere. it delivers right to your doorstep. >> easier parking online. according to the national retail federation, 10% of gifts are returned every year. those gifts are worth a whopping $60 billion.
5:59 am
for many people, this week is more than an opportunity to exchange gifts. according to a survey by the national retail federation, 48% of consumers say they pla to shop at stores for after christmas sales. 44% of consumers plan to shop for deals online. >> this is the best time to start digging more more deals. keeping a close eye on the weather this morning. a very chilly start across the bay area. >> freeze warnings are in effect across parts of the bay area where we are close to freezing. right now in the north bay, more on that coming up. shots ring out at a popular east bay shopping center during business hours. businesses hit, shattered glass as you see. police are looking for the shooter and the shooting victim. we'll tell you what witnesses saw in the moments after they heard the gunfire. menorah stolen from a san francisco park. the evidence police are looking for as they investigate and how that north beach community is responding. "today in the bay" continues
6:00 am
right now. good it is morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm kira klapper in for laura garcia-cannon. vianey is joining us. not a lot of traffic. >> nice. >> kari hall, as ever on the weather beat, more of the same chilly temperatures. >> another cold morning. we're dealing with more freezing temperatures again, especially for those inland valleys in the north bay as well as heading over to the east bay. that's where we do have a freeze warning in effect until 9:00 this morning. all those areas shaded in purple. if you live there, you know it's cold. we're also feeling very chilly temperatures elsewhere. looking now at 36 degrees in palo alto, 41 in oakland and san francisco. it is below freezesing in morgan hill again this morning. make sure you take care and keep warm. we'll have warmer air in the forecastin


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